Ghassoul powder and paste

Ghassoul powder: cleansing and purifying powder for the skin, mix with warm water, until get a thick paste, add a few drops of argan oil, almond oil, your skin will be softer, purified and scented.

Paste: apply a thick layer all over the body after a session of Hammam or hot bath, when the pores of the skin are well dilated and ready to receive care, let act 20 minutes, then rinse by doing circular movements, you perform a scrub at the same time.

Ghassoul for the hair :

Real natural shampoo, without attacking the scalp and the sebaceous glands.

Add mineral water to the powder to get a paste easy to apply on the roots, you can also add aloe vera or honey for a softer effect, or organic vegetable oils, such as coconut oil, grape seeds oil or sesame oil.